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Answer the following questions: Career and Advising Resources Career Services Provides career counseling to assist with choosing a major, posts parttime, internship and career employment opportunities, assists with resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills and job search strategies, and connects students with potential employers through various events during the year.

Academic advising helps to develop and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with personal values and career goals.

Often in the Counseling Center, the students that come for counseling are experiencing some major relationship problems.

Frequent problems include loneliness, conflict, and problems with boyfriends, girlfriends, roommates, and even professors. To be honest, in high school you typically have relationships that have been in existence since elementary school and take little effort to maintain.

The school schedule helps foster these relationships because you are in classes with the same people for four years.

But, in college your relationships are new, and take some effort and intention on your part. This chapter will have some tips on how to create and sustain healthy relationships during your time at UWG.

The relationships you create during your first few months will be key to helping you have the best possible college experience.

But, remember, this does not happen by magic and you will have to go out of your comfort zone to meet new people and create new friendships.

It will take time and effort, but will be completely worth it in the end. You are now officially an adult and ready to spread your wings and fly all on your own.

College is a great time to begin to figure out who you are and who you are going to be as an adult separate and apart from your family.

Your relationships are bound to change and you will suddenly be exposed to so many different people who are all trying to create new relationships too.

This can be confusing, stressful, and exciting all at once. However, the relationships you develop in college have the power to help you be successful in meeting your academic and vocational goals, or they can hinder your success.

The most important thing you can do is to first develop a strong relationship with yourself. Take some time to do a self-inventory: This is just to get you started on learning about yourself.

And, certainly, as you begin to go to classes, meet friends, and find yourself faced with hard choices, you will have the chance to get to know yourself better.

It can be helpful to take some time out of your week for self-reflection in order to develop a healthy self-image. This is the cornerstone to creating healthy relationships with others.

Relationships with Faculty You are not in high school anymore. College is a very different learning environment and the professors are not like high school teachers.

You will have many different types of professors and many different types of classes, so it can be challenging to understand how you can create positive relationships with faculty, but if you want to be successful in college it is important to learn how to create a healthy relationship with your professor.

What can be most helpful is to understand that they are just people……. Relationships at Home Relationships at home are going to change.

This is inevitable and can be difficult for you and for your family. You will be making new friends, meeting new people, and will have more independence than you have ever had before.

Your family is also going to be adjusting to life without you at home. This is one of the most challenging relationships faced by college students because your living environment is crucial to your emotional well-being, so it is important to be very intentional about building and maintaining a positive relationship with your roommate.

Be honest with each other so that you can identify the areas that might be a struggle. This is sort of like a family meeting.

What is going well? What has been irritating? What can I do to be a better roommate? And, be prepared to be honest even if it is difficult. It is always good to think if the shoe were on the other foot, what would I want my roommate to do?

And Emojis do NOT make up for what is lost in an actual face to face conversation. SO, a general rule of thumb is that if you are too scared to have the conversation in person, then texting is not an easy way out, it is an easy way to create more conflict.

Seek the guidance of a friend or an R. This can help with the separation process and make the transition back to school a little easier.

Sometimes a quick text will help ease their worries and let them know how you are doing. However, to be successful in college you have to separate from your family, so you might have to set some boundaries and slowly reduce the amount of contact you have with them.

Discuss these issues in advance with family members. Respect home rules and remember that your visit is temporary. Dating Compared to other relationships, romantic relationships can be more difficult to negotiate since they involve intense emotions and issues such as vulnerability, jealousy, and physical intimacy.

The key to any healthy relationship is the ability to communicate even when you have a difference of opinion. Again, here are some great tips to help you get through conflict:.

We live in a world that is increasingly reliant on social media to create, sustain and build relationships. Friends have been replaced by followers, handwritten letters have been usurped by texts and tweets, and while it is easier to make connections with a variety of people, technology can also create barriers in building healthy relationships.

Conflict only grows if you ignore what you are feeling and while it is uncomfortable to have a discussion, in the end it is the best thing for your relationship.

Your partner may think you are kidding when you are actually serious, or the opposite, you may be just teasing and your partner may take it seriously.

Call them and set up a time to talk in a quiet place with your phone put away!! That will just create more conflict. Wait until you have calmed down!

Again, this sends a message that you are interested in solving the problem, rather than just attacking them.

There are some great resources at the end of the chapter than can help guide you through problems you might be having.

With experience in handling conflict, you will learn how to anticipate conflict through intentional communication. Many students meet with professors the first few weeks of class just to get on a first name basis to find out what the professor looks for in a student.

Or, in dating, it can be helpful to talk in advance over subjects that are touchy…. The more you can communicate in advance, the less likely you will be to have conflict later.

Each time you post, make sure it is in line with your digital identity. Seriously, more relationships have been damaged by people posting when angry, drunk, or just being goofy.

Use them to make sure that your posts are seen only by the people you want to see them. Even if you think your settings are private.

Resources If you run into trouble, we hope that you will use some of the campus resources to help you. College and Money Management: Do you smile at the thought of your future earnings in your chosen career field?

Or do you tremble at the thought of your current expenses and how you will fill your car up with gasoline for your next trip home?

The topic of money management can evoke a variety of emotions in any person. The reality is that college students do stress about their finances.

A nation-wide research study indicated that financial stress among college students surpassed the stresses they associated with the academic challenge of college courses And at UWG, Seriously, we include a topic on Money Management in the UWG course in an effort to raise your awareness of how stressful the topic of money can be, but we also hope to equip you with successful strategies for managing your money so that you can focus your energy and time on being successful in your classes!

You have money to spend! But have you thought about whose money you actually have? Did you earn the money from working at a job? Is that job part of a private-sector company that pays you based on their profits received?

Or do you work at a publicsector job that may pay your salary from taxpayer funds? Or have you received a monetary gift from a family member or friend?

Student Employment The decision to hold a part-time job while taking college classes can be a very tough decision.

On one hand, you definitely want to be a successful student, but the allure of earning your own money and the benefits that go along with that independence can be quite attractive.

Working while going to college can carry long-term benefits that will benefit your future, such as acquiring valuable work experience for your resume and making important networking connections with those already in your chosen career field.

If possible, consider not holding a job during your first semester so you can focus on adjusting to life as a college student. Mid-term exams, class projects, and final exams in the fall semester can coincide at a very busy time in the retail industry as holidays approach.

If you do consider a part-time job while taking college classes, give strong consideration to the number of hours you work.

Yes, there are some part-time jobs available for students at UWG! On-campus jobs do provide more opportunities for students to engage in campus life than those students who work off-campus.

Your on-campus work supervisors also must be aware of your class schedule because they cannot permit you to work during your regularly-scheduled class time.

Off-campus work supervisors do not always know of your class schedule and might schedule you to work on a day with a very important pop-quiz in your philosophy class.

Yet, as appealing as they can be, on-campus work opportunities are limited. Visit them in Row Hall 3rd floor west side , or visit their website — www.

Family Financial Support Family financial resources are not created equal. Some families have more financial resources than others to be able to provide to their children.

You may have experienced some of this disparity in high school, but it may become more pronounced in college as you spend more of your daily time with roommates and suitemates whose backgrounds are different than yours.

Some parents are able to provide their children with weekly or monthly allowances even while in college. Others are not able to do this on a regular basis.

But without a regular financial contribution from your parents, have you given thought to some of the routine expenses that your parents might be paying on your behalf?

Things like gas money, car insurance, cell phone both the cost of the phone and the monthly charges , health insurance, cable television, internet connection, etc.

Many two-income families struggle similarly with the balance of income and expenses as college students do. Conversations about money should be family conversations, not just parent to parent conversations.

Engage your parents in a conversation about the family financial resources in your home. You may be surprised what you will learn about where all the money goes!

What is a refund? What is a Financial Aid Refund? Students who utilize financial aid funds in the form of scholarships, grants, and loans are awarded a financial aid package that is designed to help meet as much of their direct and indirect educational expenses as possible.

Direct expenses are those costs which must be paid to the university, i. Indirect expenses can include items such as transportation expenses, living expenses, etc.

The university cannot keep that credit balance because it belongs to the student. Recent federal regulations have changed the way these are managed and delivered to students, and more specific information was shared with you at Orientation.

The most important thing to consider when you receive a credit balance refund is to know the source of the refund. Most of the time, the refund is made up of loan funds that you have borrowed to help fund your educational expenses.

As a loan, these funds must eventually be repaid. So, you are faced with a significant choice every time you decide to spend a portion of your refund that may be funded by student loans — do I spend this money now only to have to repay it later?

Which brings us quite conveniently to the next topic! But have you taken the opportunity to have a conversation with your parents about their income It is very important to consider the balance between the money you earn and the money you spend.

It can be a very difficult situation to overcome whenever your expenses exceed your earnings. You may need a vehicle for your basic transportation needs to and from campus, but you may want a Jaguar convertible.

Based on your current financial status, how do you balance your need and your want in this decision? If you attended a public school for your K years, the idea of paying for your education may not be very familiar to you.

The reality is — college costs money! And it is important for you to understand what those costs are. Yes, this scenario may be far-fetched or not!

Sometimes the difference between needs and wants is not as clear as this example about vehicles. So, do you purchase a pair of pants, a shirt, tie, and sportcoat separately off the rack at a department store, or do you spend a little extra to have a suit tailored to fit you?

Learning to budget your money is an important skill to learn in college. What are your long-term goals? How will you achieve those goals?

How does money management impact how you reach those goals? Track both for a while to get an idea. Consider the following expenses: They just do without that item for the rest of the month.

Tuition — Tuition is defined as the cost of instruction for the courses in which you enroll. Tuition includes not just the salary of the professor who is teaching your course, but it also includes teaching and learning materials relevant to the course, classroom and facility expenses including utilities expenses , instructional technology, etc.

Mandatory Fees — These are fees which are necessary to provide a complete range of student services that support the academic environment.

A complete university education is about more than just attending classes — campus involvement, personal growth, and commitment to your physical and mental health help to develop life skills that you will use after you graduate.

Mandatory fees, such as the activity fee, athletic fee, and health fee, allow the university to provide those valuable resources to every student.

Mandatory fees are reviewed by various UWG committees whose membership must include student representatives, in compliance with University System of Georgia policies.

These university committees make recommendations for fees on an annual basis to the UWG President who in turn makes recommendations to the University System of Georgia Board of Regents.

You may have heard that phrase used before, but what does it mean? Although you are more than just a guest of the university, you are rooming and boarding with us!

You are charged room and board depending on which residence hall you live in and what type of meal plan you choose. Students should always know the status of their UWG account.

Students often do not check BANWEB regularly, except at times for course registration and checking final course grades. Your Future - Planning on it?

The next four years may seem very far away for you. But think back for a second — how quickly did your high school years pass?

Your college years will pass by even more quickly. When you leave college, you will be entering your chosen career field through the path of a job in the field or through continued education through graduate school, or both.

Either way, many of the decisions you make over the next four years will impact your life after college. This definitely includes financial decisions.

As you earn money in college and as you spend money in college, think about your short-term and long-term goals and how your money management will help you achieve those goals.

If financial independency is one of your short-term or long-term goals, be thinking now about some of the expenses that your parents may be covering on your behalf, expenses that will become yours one day!

Expenses such as cell phone, computer, car, apartment rent, house payment, insurance, etc. It is easy to forget these expenses when your parents may be helping to provide these for you!

Saving Money Be thinking about how you will save money for your future. It is always a great idea to keep an emergency fund available for some of those unexpected life challenges that face us from time to time — flat tires, high heating bills in the winter, etc.

But in the middle of that balance between keeping your daily expenses going, saving for emergencies, and spending on yourself, think about whether you are saving for your future, or are you assuming that your future earnings will pay for your current expenses?

What are your future earnings in your career field projected to be when you graduate, and is there any room to doubt that those future earnings will remain at the current projections?

As you save for your future, how much are you willing to risk now in investments that might bring you larger payouts for the future?

Or could these same investments cause you to lose what you invested if the economy struggles like it has for the past few years?

Are you willing to take that risk? Credit Care A really difficult lesson that some students learn in college is that credit cards can be dangerous, especially if not used wisely.

There are good and bad sides to using a credit card as a young adult:. The topic of student loans can be quite confusing.

Here are some basic definitions of some of the terms used in discussing student loans:. Credit cards may have sky-high interest rates, so beware!

If you use or want to start using a credit card, try these tips for keeping the spending under control:. The student becomes responsible for the accruing interest during repayment, which begins six-months after the student is no longer-enrolled half-time.

Eligibility for Subsidized Loans is based on remaining financial need after all other aid is awarded.

Sometimes the interest can compound, only adding to the additional costs. A high limit does not mean you should hit it. Keep your credit balances under control!

Paying late after the due date damages your credit rating and incurs late fees. Student Loans Although we strongly suggest exhausting scholarship and grant opportunities first, it is important for us to educate you as much as possible about student loans so that you can make a truly informed financial decision.

Just because you are offered student loans as part of your financial aid package does not mean that you have to borrow them.

If you have the financial means to cover your college expenses while you are enrolled, you should definitely consider doing that to save your future long-term debt levels.

Congress, through the US Department of Education, has established limits to help prevent students from over-borrowing through student loans.

These limits are on an annual yearly basis as well as an aggregate lifetime basis: These limits are for dependent students.

Independent students have higher annual and aggregate limits. Also, dependent students whose parents are denied a PLUS loan due to adverse credit may also be able to borrower at the higher independent limits, but it all must be repaid!

Interest payments can be made throughout enrollment, or may accrue and capitalize through enrollment and be added to the loan during repayment.

Interest is calculated as a percentage of the unpaid principal amount loan amount borrowed. At the time of writing this chapter, the interest rates are not yet known.

For , the interest rate on undergraduate student loans disbursed between July 1, and June 30, was 4. This interest rate will remain on that specific loan throughout repayment.

The US Department of Education sets the loan origination fee each year, and it is also subject to change with federal sequestration on October 1st of each year.

The current loan origination fee is 1. The loan servicer will work with you on repayment plans and loan consolidation options and will assist you with other tasks related to your federal student loan.

It is important to maintain contact with your loan servicer. Your loan servicer will be assigned to you when you take out your first student loan, and you may find out who your loan servicer is at the National Student Loan Data System, www.

The current Federal Student Loan Servicers include: There are other topics associated with repayment of your student loans that will be covered in your Loan Exit Counseling Session.

If you ever have questions about your student loans prior to entering repayment, please contact your Federal Student Loan Servicer.

Here are some tips for understanding and limiting your student loan debt: You should check your student loan records regularly!

You can also make payments early so your interest does not compound. Keep this servicer updated with your current contact information at all times — including mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

We try very hard to reduce the level of complexity for you, but sometimes you do get caught in the middle of these very complex and sometimes competing regulations.

Thank you for your patience as we help you through this process! As a reminder, there are payment deadlines for each semester. In order to be able to keep the classes that you register for each semester, you must be sure that your account has been fully paid or credited with authorized financial aid funds by the published payment deadlines.

This accountability is called Satisfactory Academic Progress and will be checked at the conclusion of each semester. To continue to receive financial aid, you must meet the following requirements: The first semester you do not meet either or both of these requirements, you will be placed on a Financial Aid Warning status.

During the warning period, you will have one semester to bring your academic requirements to the appropriate levels.

After this warning period, if you continue to miss the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements, you will lose your financial aid eligibility until you restore your academic eligibility for the financial aid.

For example, if your academic program requires semester hours, you have until semester hours to complete the degree requirements Maximum Time Frame.

There is no warning period for exceeding Maximum Time Frame. A common issue that affects students and their Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress is withdrawing from courses.

The rate of course withdrawals has a significant impact on the pace of progression requirement. You may be doing much better in the course than you think you are!

And the services We want to be able to help you with your Financial Aid questions. Please contact us in Parker Hall, finaid westga. Brutal, I know, but this is really helpful to remember.

Psychology has found that we often overestimate our ability to do something to the point where we hurt ourselves. For instance, you may have found it takes you longer to write a paper or read a chapter than you thought it would.

This can really hurt the way you schedule your time. From professors who have to skip PowerPoint slides to finish the lecture on time to the person who said he would be somewhere an hour ago.

So, tip number one: This is so simple to understand but almost impossible to do. You have to know what can be sacrificed when the time comes and knowing your priorities can help.

College is so much more than earning an education. Personally, looking back, some of the biggest lessons I gained when in college came from just living life with friends.

You will learn some of the craziest things during college, most of them really helpful, but you have to allow yourself time to learn them. That will all come later.

Schedule some time to relax and I promise opportunities will arise that bring with them life changing experiences. Will Evans Class of , B.

Psychology Class of , M. Professional Counseling, College Student Affairs. You can stay up as late you want, stay out as late as you want, sleep and eat when you want, and no one is here to tell you when you have do, well, anything!

One of the biggest challenges for any new student —and many not-so-new students—is organizing their daily life so all the work and studying gets done while still having lots of time for fun, friends, food, exercise, relaxation, and sleep.

Time marches on, with or without you, whether you like it or not. The trick is managing yourself to keep pace with the non-stop movement of time.

Most students spend about: That leaves 44 hours free time and for studying. Calculate how you use your hours in a week. Use the example above, but put in the time YOU spend time each week on activities.

Include anything you typically do; time spent working if you work, time spent exercising, commuting, etc. Do not include study time yet.

This will give you the total number of hours in a week you typically have free. Now, from the number of hours of free time, subtract the number of hours you need to study in order to do well in your course work.

A general rule of thumb is for every hour in class , depending on your schedule , you need to study at least 2 hours, so study hours a week.

Time Tips Set clear starting and stopping times for studying. This will help keep you focused on the task at hand.

Studying is always a priority. Build this time into your daily routine and do not compromise your studies. Keep in mind that all the fun things and great friends you experience in college happen because you are a student at The University of West Georgia.

Staying a student means you must study! Make sure you have a variety of activities throughout your day. Include exercise and fun, time to relax, time to study, time for yourself, time with friends, etc.

All work and no play makes for a very dull and frustrating college life! But again, keep studying and doing well in classes as your number one priority.

Plan for the unplanned. Give yourself enough flexibility in your day to attend to things as they pop up.

Turn off your cell phone and avoid social networking. Believe it or not, no one has ever died from a few hours without Twitter or Instagram.

Many college students spend more time in a week texting and using various forms of social media than they do studying. When you set your goal for each study session, be sure it is focused on studying with as few distractions as possible.

Do your best to keep your life as normal and sane as possible. Try to get up in the morning at about the same time.

You need hours of sleep at least 3 nights a weeks to keep your brain functioning well. A continued lack of sleep, a crazy schedule and growing frustration lead to getting sick.

Remember to eat well and exercise, too! With society continuing to change, it is important to learn and experience cultures different from your own.

Having the ability to communicate effectively with others will aid you in the work force, professional schools, daily living, and beyond.

In order for your college experience to be transformative, you must learn to challenge yourself. Challenging yourself, while sometimes uncomfortable, can be truly rewarding.

Remember, diversity will add to your college experience. You will encounter other students from different backgrounds, cultures, and interests.

Each come with their own traditions and personal stories. Interacting with a diverse student body helps to prepare you for the world inside and outside the campus of UWG!

At UWG, take full advantage of the many opportunities to progress as individuals in a campus community characterizing the human spirit.

Although you may have some mishaps along the way we all do! You have an open infinite invitation to drop by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion to explore our office and yourself.

We are thrilled that you have decided to go West! May your time at UWG be productive, engaging, and exciting! Diversity and Inclusion The world changes everyday with possibilities to travel to unknown places, opportunities to taste world cuisines, and new advancements in various industries.

We communicate with people everyday that have different backgrounds, races, and sexual orientations. Although you may not identify yourself with their culture, it is important to recognize the value each individual brings to the world.

In the world we live in today, it may not seem relevant to ask ourselves why diversity is important since we have an African-American President or a transgender actress in sitcoms.

Think of diversity as a taco salad that has the ability to come in three different forms: The first form, consisting of individual ingredients such as a block of cheese, a head of lettuce, and a whole tomato.

Eating each item separately probably would not be the preference for enjoying a taco salad. The second option, a taco salad smoothie, would result in a brownish-green drink with little ways to identify what initial ingredients were present.

The final choice, a traditional taco salad, is comprised of all of the ingredients such as chips, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes, sour cream, meat, and chopped lettuce.

A traditional taco salad has easily identifiable ingredients, but relies on their individuality to make the taco salad compete. Understanding diversity is just like the traditional taco salad choice.

Each of us bring various levels of experiences, tolerances, and open mindedness to college, and must work to value and appreciate all the unique identities we will encounter in our college experience.

A continuous process of perceiving how diversity is defined, as well as a growing mindfulness of how we as individuals evolve in our understanding of identities different from our own.

Accepting and empowering individuals and perspectives regardless of differences with mutual civility, decency, dignity, and accountability for our attitudes, behaviors, and words.

Working together across disciplines, rank, and backgrounds, seeking to understand and value differences as assets to attain a common goal.

An understanding of internalized assumptions , beliefs, and privileges that require a lifelong commitment to self-awareness, reflection, and critique in order to embrace the intersections of multidimensional identities.

Understanding the Importance of Inclusion It may sound simple, but allow your mind to return to physical education PE class or gym.

Your strengths tend to lean toward music and you are a fair kicker and runner. Reluctantly, you are chosen last. Do you recall the comments, and behaviors towards classmates who were usually chosen last?

The individuals were a member of the team, but were not made to feel welcome. Students from different walks of life may report feeling marginalized by their university and peers because of negative or micro-messages.

Micro-messages are small behaviors that have a big impact. Subtle, semi-conscious, universally understood messages, both verbal and physical, tell others what we really think.

There are two kinds of micro-messages: Over time, micro-inequities devalue and discourage a person, while micro affirmations value and encourage.

Since we live in a diverse world, each bring our share of cultural histories, personal experiences, thought processes, and attitudes.

Inclusion involves supporting the development of all individuals and providing an environment that is welcoming. Inclusion is fighting against exclusion and ensuring that appropriate support systems are in place to assist those in need.

Inclusion also attempts to aid in the development of an attitude, mindset, or behavior. It requires a person to alter their innate beliefs, customs, and actions toward individuals, groups, or organizations.

Inclusion shares, creates, and uses resources available so that all are included. Since the University of West Georgia is increasingly becoming a diverse campus community, we must realize that each person brings their own perspectives reflective of their personal experiences which may influence daily interactions and behaviors.

For instance, on a track and field relay team, there is one baton per team. In order for the relay team to function effectively and be competitive, relay members must understand the strengths and challenges of each teammate.

Once a better understanding is gained, through constructive dialogue and other measures, teammates are able to thrive and operate with a common goal in mind: Are you culturally competent?

We are all culturally competent to a certain degree! Do you and your family have certain traditions such as special celebrations graduations, cookouts, graduations, births ; do you speak another language other than your native tongue?

Have you had the opportunity to experience other cultures through travel, making new friends, involvement in school or community activities?

If so, you are well on your way to becoming more culturally competent. Cultural competence comprises four components: Attitude towards cultural differences 3.

Knowledge of different cultural practices and worldviews 4. Cross-cultural skills Developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate and effectively interact with people across cultures.

Remember that cultural competence is a continuum, indicating growth of ones knowledge and skills. As you matriculate through UWG and life, you may encounter situations that test your cultural competence and cause you to adapt and hopefully flourish even more.

Cultural competence provides a stimulus for collaborating with others, students, faculty, staff, and the community. In , there were 7, victims of hate crimes in the United States.

Additionally, the Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI , understands the importance of having supportive allies in the fight against hate crimes.

They have developed relationships with the following organizations: For example, The Southern Poverty Law Center, founded in , regularly monitors hate groups and other extremists organizations and institutions in the United States exposing their activities to law enforcement agencies, the media and the public.

College Campuses According to the Bureau of Justice Assistance, hate crimes have increased on college campuses in the past five years.

On college campuses the hates crimes are usually related to bias difficulties and prejudice. Hate crimes, unfortunately, occur on all types of college campuses ranging from large to small and from private to public.

Some males destroyed the above mentioned materials and verbally abused the women. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.

Hatred darkens life, love illuminates it. Springfield, TX Brice Johnson,19, was indicted on federal hate crime charges for allegedly assaulting a man in September due to his sexual orientation.

Machado A former student was convicted of disseminating an e-mail containing racially derogatory comments and threats to 59 college students, nearly all of whom were of Asian descent.

Tozier A student at a small college in Maine yelled anti-gay slurs and threats at a fellow student who was working in a student lounge and, in three consecutive attacks, violently choked the student.

After reading this information you may ask what can I do combat hate:. Ryan Bronkema rbronkem westga.

Inclusion Inclusion is the act of creating environments in which any individual or group can be and feel welcomed, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate.

An inclusive and welcoming climate embraces differences and offers respect in words and actions for all people. Ally A person of one social identity group who stands up in support of members of another group; typically member of dominant group standing beside member s of targeted group; e.

Multiculturalism Multiculturalism is an acknowledgment that, as people, we are culturally diverse and multifaceted, and a process through which the sharing and transforming of cultural experiences allow us to rearticulate and redefine new spaces, possibilities, and positions for ourselves and others.

Accessibility The extent to which a facility is readily approachable and usable by individuals with disabilities, particularly such areas as the personnel office, work site and public areas.

It is on a continuum and not a set of absolute categories. Coalition A collection of different people or groups, working toward a common goal.

Cultural competency Cultural competency is a set of academic and interpersonal skills that allow individuals to increase their understanding, sensitivity, appreciation, and responsiveness to cultural differences and the interactions resulting from them.

The particulars of acquiring cultural competency vary among different groups, and they involve an ongoing relational process tending to inclusion and trust-building.

Socioeconomic status Socioeconomic status is commonly conceptualized as the social standing or class of an individual. Disability Disability is a physical, mental, or cognitive impairment or condition that qualifies under federal and state disability nondiscrimination laws for special accommodations to ensure programmatic and physical access.

Diversity Diversity includes all the ways in which people differ, and it encompasses all the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another.

It is all-inclusive and recognizes everyone and every group as part of the diversity that should be valued.

It also involves different ideas, perspectives, and values. Equity Equity is the guarantee of fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all students, faculty, and staff, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of some groups.

The principle of equity acknowledges that there are historically underserved and underrepresented populations and that fairness regarding these unbalanced conditions is needed to assist equality in the provision of effective opportunities to all groups.

Gender Gender is a socially constructed system of classification that ascribes qualities of masculinity and femininity to people.

Gender characteristics can change over time and are different between cultures. Words that refer to gender include: References Wing, Sue, et al, racial microagressions in everyday life.

Implications for clinical proactive. American Psychologist 62 4 , http: Box Portland, ME —— Fax: Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity.

Retrieved February 19, , from http: Volunteering and Service Learning Being a university student can be very demanding, but it also offers you many opportunities.

If you are following the advice in this book, you are going to class and doing your academic work, participating in extracurricular activities on campus, and getting to know new people.

Maybe you are also working on or off campus. UWG also hopes that you will get involved in the community in a deeper way by volunteering to serve others.

This chapter will help you think about why you should consider this kind of involvement, help you know how to find opportunities, and offer hints on how make the most of those opportunities.

What does Volunteering Mean? Volunteering means giving your time, effort and talent to a need or cause without being compensated for it.

Other words and phrases that describe these kinds of activities include community service, community engagement, civic engagement, doing good, paying it forward, giving back, and philanthropy.

Why Should you Consider Volunteering? Volunteer Opportunities There are many different ways to volunteer, depending on your personality and interests, your type of campus involvement, and your major.

Some opportunities require special skills like helping a non-profit manage their social media , while others just require that you show up and follow instructions.

The Center for Student Involvement is the office that helps students find volunteer opportunities. You can sign up for Facebook and e-mail notifications from them.

On this site you can find information about many local non-profit organizations and opportunities.

Non-profit agencies and churches set up tables where you can visit and learn more about their needs and what they can offer you. Volunteering as part of a student organization: Several student organizations have community service as their main purpose.

Many other student organizations also do volunteer projects; as you explore what organizations you want to join chapter 2 , you might want to learn more about that.

Volunteering at an event sponsored by an academic department or college: Some academic departments or colleges have regular community service opportunities for students.

You will hear about these from your faculty. Service learning means doing community service as part of a class for which you receive academic credit.

If you are in a class with a service learning component, pay careful attention to the specific guidelines and requirements established by your instructor.

The service learning requirement should be treated with the same seriousness as you treat papers and tests. And do not wait until the last week of the semester to start on it!

If you sign up to volunteer for a specific activity, add the date, time, and place to your planning calendar. The non-profit agency is depending on you to be there.

While you may have to occasionally miss a commitment you signed up for, be sure and let the agency know well in advance that you will not be able to make it.

Treat the activity like you would a regular job. One of the most important things you are doing in college is building your professional network.

You want to be able to list volunteer experiences on your resume when you graduate, and you want to know that the people in charge of the activity will give you a good reference.

Learn more about the event and organization for which you are volunteering. Learning does not happen only in the classroom.

You will get more out of your experience if you know what the organization does and why the work is important. Think about your experience afterward.

Ask yourself what you learned about the organization, the community, the world, a specific topic, and yourself. If you keep a journal, write about it.

Once you find that fit, your life will be much richer and more meaningful. Word of mouth is the most effective way to spread information and to reach others.

If you enjoyed your volunteer experience, tell your friends and fellow students! If one event is able to have such an impact on you, imagine what it could do for others.

By inviting others, it allows for you to have familiar faces with you during these volunteer experiences and can help you hold each other accountable for showing up and giving each opportunity your very best!

An undergraduate student is considered full-time if they are enrolled in 12 or more credit hours per semester. However, most students need to enroll in 15 or more credit hours per semester to graduate within four years.

The University of West Georgia grants academic credit based on the following credit hour definition:. Students may be dropped from a course for failing to attend, including logging in to online courses.

Out-ofclass work will include all forms of credit-bearing activity, including but not limited to assignments, readings, observations, and musical practice.

When registering, students should plan to study two hours for each one credit hour earned. To earn a degree in four years, students should schedule a full course load of 15 credit hours each term.

The 15 hours, plus the 30 hours of study time, is equivalent to a hour work week. Students are evaluated for graduation based on the requirements in the catalog of the year they begin their studies if less than six years ago or any year thereafter if they so choose.

It contains calendars, exam schedules, registration schedules, advisement, and instructional information.

Registration for Classes Registration is the process of selecting the courses you wish to take, arranging these into a schedule to fit available time slots, signing up for these classes according to the prescribed procedure, and paying fees.

The Scoop, the student guide to each semester, gives step-by-step instructions for completing all registration procedures.

See The Scoop for complete details on how to register, when to register and pay fees, or contact the Enrollment Services Center for answers to particular questions.

No refund is generated when a student withdraws from a single course. Online core courses that are part of the eCore program may have a different midpoint and withdrawal deadline than other UWG courses.

UWG eCore students must use the eCore withdrawal form found at ecore. Before dropping or adding a course, check with your academic advisor, Financial Aid, the bursar, and International Services and Programs if applicable to make sure that the change you want to make will not affect such things as your financial aid, athletic eligibility, and international visa status.

Therefore, if you have HOPE and you withdraw from six courses, by the time you reach your final semester you may be out of funds from the HOPE Scholarship, as you will have reached your credit hour limit before graduating.

A student is allowed to withdraw from a maximum of six courses throughout their entire enrollment at UWG as an undergraduate.

A grace period up to the midpoint of each semester is provided, and. Withdrawing from a course will delay progress toward graduation.

See Petition for Exceptions below. Automatic Exceptions The following exceptions do not count toward the maximum of six course withdrawals: The written request typewritten should include the following: Appeals are not heard unless the student has reached the maximum number of withdrawals allowed.

Staying in School An undergraduate student must maintain a grade point average of 2. A graduate student must maintain a grade point average of 3.

Appeals of academic suspension or academic dismissal from the university can only be reviewed through a grade appeal or hardship withdrawal.

If you realize you are getting behind in your work or are having problems studying, ask for assistance. The first person to turn to is your professor in a particular course, but you may also want to talk with your academic advisor.

The Center for Academic Success offers free tutoring, peer mentoring, and If you are a student taking fully online courses, contact the UWG Online helpdesk to learn about free virtual tutoring and discuss available assistance.

You also should pay a visit to the Counseling Center in Row Hall. Here you will find computerized assistance in building study skills and professional counselors who may be able to help you individually or in a small group to develop better study skills and habits.

Grade Appeals Students have the right to appeal a course grade. There are two types of grade appeals: Dishonesty Grade Appeal — This appeal is used if the faculty member tells the student that the grade reflects an allegation of cheating, plagiarism, or some other act of academic dishonesty.

The student can file this type of appeal as soon as the instructor assigns the grade; therefore, the student does not have to wait until the semester ends to file a dishonesty grade appeal.

Grade Determination Appeal — This appeal is used if the student believes that the final course grade is lower than it should be, due to an alleged claim that the instructor graded one or more assignments unfairly or inaccurately.

This appeal is also used for policy disagreements i. The student must wait for the final course grade to be assigned at the end of the semester before filing a grade determination appeal.

Regardless of the nature of the grade appeal, the student must begin the appeal process no later than the following semester after the reason for the appeal occurred.

Further, the appeal process must finish no later than one year 12 calendar months after the grade is assigned.

The ESC can assist students with requesting a copy of their transcript to be printed or sent. You have the right to review your educational records maintained by UWG, except for certain types of confidential information that are defined by law and by institutional regulations.

Academic Requirements for Receiving Financial Aid In addition to completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, students must meet several primary academic requirements to remain eligible for aid.

After attending UWG for four semesters, students must maintain a minimum of 2. Also, students must complete annually 67 percent of their attempted hours with satisfactory grades in order to obtain aid the following year.

There is also a limit on the total number of hours for which students may receive financial aid. All programs of study have specified course requirements and total number of hours for completion.

You may contact the Financial Aid Office in Aycock Hall or call should you have questions. Credit By Exam The Advanced Placement AP program is available through many high schools and enables a high school student to earn college credit in a variety of subjects.

College credit will be awarded based on standardized exams administered at the high schools. Exams available cover a range of courses including math, history, government, literature, and sciences.

Test registration information is available through the Testing Office. Departmental exams are offered by a few of the academic departments at UWG as an opportunity for credit.

The Department of English, for example, allows students who feel confident about their writing skills to write an essay evaluated by a departmental committee.

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures also allows students to exempt certain introductory foreign language courses.

Contact the individual departments for testing dates. Advising Students are assigned to different departments for advising based on their majors or programs of study.

Departments will direct students to the appropriate advisor within the major or program, depending on program requirements and areas of faculty experience.

These majors will be advised by the College of Education Advisement Center: Honors College students will be advised in the Honors House.

Students may also contact the statewide eCore help desk at or ecore westga. Advising Center The Advising Center is comprised of four distinct functions: Patientory is a distributed electronic medical record storage computing Basic Attention Token is bringing blockchain technology to digital advertising.

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